Porto Heli & Spetses | Nature of Elegance

The Porto Heli & Spetses area is justifiably considered to be the cosmopolitan Greek Riviera, offering a Mediterranean landscape of ancient olive orchards and ethereal, lively green pinewoods stretched in a winding – fjord like – coastline with golden beaches and a Jet Set lifestyle.

In a mere five minutes water-taxi ride away from Porto Heli stands the glamorous, historic and unspoiled island of Spetses. Whereas Hydra, this living museum of an island, this shrine of so many international famous artists, poets and musicians, is only 30 minutes away, by water-taxi and boat.

What’s even more special about Porto Heli, is its mild Mediterranean climate, making it one of the best destinations in Europe when it comes to enjoying the low season or even to wintering out.

The Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta is a unique 4-day event organised by the Yacht Club of Greece. Staged on the amazing backdrop of the historic Poseidonion Hotel and the Porto Heli shores, a series of classic sailing yachts (Classic Boats, Traditional Caiques, Traditional Lateens, Dragons) form an exquisite and colorful parade of elegance, with crews from Greece and abroad.


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