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The high-season mix of hedonistic holidaymakers, cruise-ship crowds and posturing fashionistas throngs Mykonos Town (aka Hora), a traditional whitewashed Cycladic maze, delighting in its authentic cubist charms and its chichi cafe-bar-boutique scene.

The number of tourists (and cashed-up A-listers) visiting Mykonos is booming, and hip new hotels, beach bars and restaurants are mushrooming. In July and August, come only if you are prepared to pay and are intent on joining the jostling street crowds, the oiled-up lounger lifestyle at the packed main beaches and the relentless party. Out of season, devoid of gloss and preening celebrities, find more subdued local life, wandering the quaint, empty alleys and beaches that you will have largely to yourself.

Mykonos is also the jumping-off point for the archaeological site of the nearby island of Delos.

Source: Lonely Planet

A wounded bird adopted by a local in the mid-1950s, Petros the Pelican generated unexpectedly substantial income for his adopted home of Mykonos, of which he was – and still is, through his successors – the beloved mascot. Petros had an extremely interesting personality. He settled on the island, he made friends, real friends, going with his buddies for a stroll, sitting down with them for some seafood meze, while his human mates enjoyed their tsipouro. His survival is proof of the tenderness that lies beneath the rugged exterior of the islanders.


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