Wine Tasting, Atalanti

Who could ever think of Greece existing without grapes and vines, a country in which up to this day more than 300 different grape varieties are cultivated. It is no coincidence then that the worshiping of Dionysus emerged here and wine crop was re-evaluated via association to man’s most significant moments.

Today it is known that wine consumption is quite beneficial for our health yet what is more significant is that the very pleasure of drinking wine can be increased when in good company. It is beyond any doubt that the process of drinking wine is a human-centered ritual.

In this spirit every time a bottle of wine is opened, the participants of this little feast unconsciously follow the trails of the wandering fellowship of Dionysus.

Source: Greece & Grapes


Blue Mosaic proudly introduces you to one of the oldest and most prominent wineries in Greece, Domaine Hatzimichalis, a family owned winery located in Atalanti, Central Greece.

The main natural trait of Atalanti’s Valley ecosystem and its uniqueness is the cool breezes that flow from Mt Parnassus to the sea and vice-versa, in summer and winter alike. This is the setting for the four blocks of terroirs of Domaine Hatzimichalis: the Old Vineyards, the Lower Vineyards, the Upper Vineyards and New Vineyards, the terroirs created by Domaine Hatzimichalis. Each of these blocks is divided into individual terroirs, and these turn into different sections where they systematically cultivate different grape varieties. The diversity of Domaine Hatzimichalis vineyards, allows the creation of a wide collection of authentic wines with distinctive style.

The Tours include an introduction to the Estate, guiding through the vinification process, to conclude with the tasting of different wines produced in the winery, paired with local savoury delicacies, aiming but to finely indulge your palate.

Duration: approximately 1.5 hours

Cost: Prices available upon request

What’s included: Guided Tour at the winery, wine tasting of different local labels, savoury delicacies to pair with the wine.