Central Greece | Low key Beauty

Central  Greece | Vibrant natural settings, antiquities, tradition.  This part of the country doesn’t show off, it rather awaits your exploration, for a connection to be developed.

On the rocky slopes of Mount Parnassus lies the Oracle of Delphi, once the center of the world, while just a breath away, stands quaint Arachova, a traditional village that, thanks to the ski resort of Parnassus, has transformed into the ‘Mykonos’ of the mountains. Then the magnificent straights of Thermopylae offering dramatic scenery, bursting in extensive olive groves and pinewoods, ground for the legendary battle between Hellenes and Persians back in 480BC. Opposite, the island of Evia, offering thermal springs, intact natural beauty and serenity. North of Evia floats the Sporades islands complex popular for yachting excursions, home to the filming location of most famous ‘Mamma Mia’ and the monachus-monachus Mediterranean seal that lives here protected. Last but definitely not least comes Pelion, the ancient land of the Centaures, in the vast plane tree forests of which the mythical creatures used to find shelter; today we’ve got well preserved traditional villages instead and crystal clear turquoise waters ‘to drink in a glass’ as we tend to say in Greek.

Welcome to Central Greece. The land of unpretentious beauty, of pure greek values.

In the south-western part of Evia there is a miniature archipelago of islands called ‘Petalioi’ that is promising to simply take your breath away. These basically uninhabited islets, used to serve as sanctuaries against the ruthless paparazzi that were chasing jet-setters in the 60’s and 70’s. One of them used to belong to world famous opera singer Maria Callas, while another one once belonged to Pablo Picasso. The islets are almost intact and burst of vibrant Mediterranean vegetation. The leading role, though, play the mesmerizing turquoise waters that surround them, thus arguably naming them ‘Maldives of Greece’.






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