Villa & Yachting in Central Greece

Undoubtedly, Greece has been gifted with the privilege of enjoying about 6000 islands, some of which have hidden coves to offer, only to those exploring by the sea nonetheless. A yacht,be it a sailing boat or a motor boat, offers independence, flexibility, unique lifestyle, and the luxury to explore magical unspoiled landscapes, otherwise not accessible at all.

Allow us to introduce you to the ultimate Greek vacations: a week of chic adventure on a yacht at the Aegean sea combined with a week of utmost relaxation in the classy and serene environment at villa Salted Maple.

Villa Salted Maple is located in the outskirts of Agios Konstantinos, one of the two main ports accommodating travelers visiting Sporades, an archipelago that became famous after ‘Mamma Mia’-the movie was filmed on one of the islands, Skopelos. Sporades islands have always been a top holiday destination, because of the distinctive couleur locale, the dense vegetation, rocky formations, but mostly mesmerizing turquoise waters to swim in. Skiathos is the fun island, Skiathos is the most-travelled of the islands thanks to its international airport, and its fame lies mainly in its sandy beaches. Away from the coast you can still find isolated hiking trails and the odd Byzantine monastery. Skopelos is larger, but less visited than Skiathos.  Its rugged scenery is perhaps more beautiful and certainly less developed. Much more rugged Alonissos lies in the middle of a marine park home to monachus monachus seal and retains an exclusive air and some exceptional hiking routes.

Sail to your villa is the ultimate escape, offering one week sailing and one week stay at your dream villa.

Plan your flight to Volos International Airport, embark on your chartered yacht at Volos port and let your chic adventure begin.

After a week of unforgettable moments in the Aegean sea and the Sporades end your yachting trip to villa Salted Maple, where you can indulge relaxed villa holidays in style.

Share your interests with us and we will design your dream yachting vacation tailored to your expectations.

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