Nafplio | The First Capital

One of the most beautiful towns in the area of Argolis, as well as one of the most romantic cities all over Greece, Nafplio was the first capital of the newly born Greek state between 1823 and 1834 AD.

According to mythology, the town was founded by Nafplios, the son of the god Poseidon and the daughter of Danaus, Anemone. The town’s history traces back to the prehistoric era when soldiers from the area participated in the Argonautic expedition and the Trojan War alike. The town declined during the Roman times and flourished again during the Byzantine times. Frankish, Venetian and Turkish conquerors left their mark in the town and strongly influenced its culture, architecture and traditions over the centuries. Ancient walls, medieval castles, monuments and statues, Ottoman fountains and Venetian or neoclassical buildings mesmerize the visitor with their unique architecture and beauty.

Source: Visit Greece

The Arvanitia walk is the locals’ favourite promenade along the steep cliffs of Acronafplia and the impressive walls of Palamidi fortress.

It combines spectacular beauty and comforting calmness, coming from the velvety sound of the waves paired perfectly with the lullaby-like tunes of the cicadas.

The ideal choice for some quality time if you want to escape from the city’s summer buzz.


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